Why choose Blue Duck Early Learning Centres

Blue Duck Child Care Early Learning Centre

Educational Experiences

Thoughtfully curated, our curriculum gives every child the opportunity to have meaningful learning experiences that incorporate their emerging interests to reach their full potential.

Blue Duck Child Care Early Learning Centre

Thoughtfully Designed Centres

Each Blue Duck centre is as unique as the community it is a part of. By keeping the needs of children central to the heart of what we do, we purposefully design, build and choose resources that enable children to confidently explore their environment and interact with one another.

Blue Duck Child Care Early Learning Centre

Flexible and affordable options for parents

Our fees are affordable and give you choice, we have a flexible holiday and sickness policy and we are open on school holidays and through to 6 pm, We also offer a true and transparent 20 Hours free for 3 and 4 years.

Blue Duck Child Care Early Learning Centre

Enhancement Programs

We provide a range of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist activities include physical education, transition to school preparation, nature exploration and music.

Blue Duck Child Care Early Learning Centre

Fresh & nutritious food daily

Whatever specific needs or limitations your child may have, we maintain an inclusive menu that supports a thoroughly nutritious diet for everyone. All our meals are culturally inclusive and mostly organic.

Blue Duck Child Care Early Learning Centre

100% Qualified teachers

Each of our centres is staffed with fully qualified teachers and meets the 100% qualified teaching band set out by the Ministry of Education; this means our teachers are trained to the same level and hold the same qualifications as primary school teachers. This also allows us to operate above the minimum teacher-to-child ratios. 


Whether you would like you enrol your child/ren, book a visit or for a general question we welcome all enquiries, get in touch today.